Lukas J. Sturm

Lighting Design Group Leader

Lukas has over 25 years’ experience in architectural lighting design and co-founded Lumen Studio in 2012. His education is in Landscape Architecture, and he excels at all things technical. 

Lukas found in lighting a means of contributing to people’s sense of well-being by transforming their understanding of architectural spaces through light. His techie side combines artfully with his creativity, enabling him to deliver a strong conceptual design grounded in the knowledge of what can realistically be built.  

His accomplished portfolio includes transportation centers, academic buildings, historical restoration, landscapes, and daylighting-intensive projects. His work has been recognized at the regional and international levels.


Christina L. Andriole

Associate IALD, MIES 
Senior Lighting Designer

Christina began working as an architectural lighting designer in 2007 and co-founded Lumen Studio in 2012.  She holds a Master of Arts in Interior Design, and her strength is in translating the concept into light across the entirety of a project.

Christina realized in graduate school that she was far more consumed with how things were lit than with any other facet of design. She believes that good lighting is the most important element of successful architectural and civil environments.

Her projects have included academic, transportation, civic, and hospitality. Her work has been recognized at the regional level.